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mchp - microcogenerator: COSTUMISED ENERGY

Micro-cogeneration is currently one of the most efficient methods to generate heat and electricity from fossil fuels.
The AISIN (MCHP) gas Micro-Cogeneration System simultaneously produces electrical and thermal energy right at the user’s site, that is, without waste and while using the clean energy of gas (natural gas or LPG).
The specifically designed endothermic engine, manufactured on the basis of TOYOTA’s experience, drives a synchronous generator that can supply up to 6 kW of electrical power also when responding the user’s needs instantaneously; at the same time, its modern technology allows recovering the heat otherwise dissipated by the engine with a power of 11.7 kW, available for the production of hot water up to a temperature of 65°C (for domestic use, general heating purposes, heating of pools, and post-heating of large air conditioning systems such as Air Treatment Units for large premises).



- Designed to reduce losses to a minimum: the AISIN micro-
cogeneration system converts almost the entire primary energy source into electrical energy and heat. Its overall efficiency is 85%; thus, either natural gas or LPG are exploited at their best.

- Cost Reduction: the principle of cogeneration allows obtaining heat through the same mechanism that generates electricity consequently benefitting from two energy sources at the price of one.

- The reliability of the endothermic TOYOTA engine, specifically designed, has a positive effect on operating costs: more than 40,000 hours of operation reached with only minimal ordinary maintenance and extra low costs; usual filters and sparking plugs replacement every 10,000 hours, and complete oil replacement and engine service every 30,000 hours.



To the age-old pollution problem, MCHP replies with good news for the environment: a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions respect to the standard production of separate electricity and heating systems.
The widespread use of AISIN micro-cogeneration systems would make the construction of power plants and nuclear plants unnecessary while simultaneously resolving the issue of the emission of toxic substances and the concentration of polluting agents.




The MCHP’s main strength is its extreme flexibility. Two operating modes allow the equipment to be completely suitable for any need. In addition, its integration with other energy saving systems (photovoltaic plants and solar heating systems) is always possible.


Modulating output

When in this operating mode, the AISIN Micro-Cogeneration System produces electricity by modulating, that is by varying, the power supplied through the inverter on the basis of the user’s power demand in that instant, in the range between 0.3 kW and 6 kW.
The heat recovered, also variable, is transferred to the storage tank of the heat generator system.


Heat control

When in this operating mode, the AISIN Micro-Cogeneration System produces its maximum electrical (6kW) and thermal (11.7kW) power. Propeller operation is controlled by the thermal request of the building through a specific thermostat placed on the storage tank of the heat generator system. Any unused excess of current that is not self-used is sent to the power line on the basis of the net metering contract.



Managing the Electricity Generated

The AISIN MCHP is supported by advanced electronics that simplifies user’s interface and limits maintenance requirements to the endothermic components. In fact, the generator-inverter assembly does not require any maintenance.
The electrical power generated by the micro-cogeneration system is qualitatively equal to the line power. The safety and control of the parallel connections are guaranteed by the electrical devices that the power utility requires and that are installed in the electrical panel for parallel connections supplied with the product.
The inverter IGBT technology ensures maximum protection against voltage and frequency fluctuations, which are seriously damaging for any equipment.
The system can be integrated with an anti-blackout optional kit that allows the unit to operate even in case of power outage (modulating output mode only).


Managing the Heat Generated

The AISIN Micro-Cogeneration System produces thermal energy by recovering heat from the coolant, the exhaust gas and the engine. This heat is transferred to the water through a high efficiency plate heat exchanger.
Depending on the selected mode, the unit’s management system controls the engine start-up, avoiding waste of energy and allowing the engine to operate always at safe temperatures.


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