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Installation manual MCHP Aisin


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tecnocasa climatizzazione

For more than thirty years we have been striving to achieve one goal with determination: assigning R&D and resources in order to offer cutting-edge, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly equipment.
The success achieved and the quality of our work led us to a prestigious award: in 2000, AISIN – a company part of the TOYOTA Group – recognized the value of our activities and allowed us to become the exclusive European distributor of its Gas Heat Pumps (GHP).

Three years of partnership were sufficient to transform that opportunity into trust, which led us to obtain exclusive European distribution rights for Gas Micro-Cogeneration Systems (MCHP).
These two new products, leading edge within an already high-end scenario, allowed us to undertake a major challenge: spread the word about a new way to handle air conditioning and to produce electricity directly, through the use of gas (natural gas or LPG).

product line between efficiency and effectiveness

gas heat pump
air water system

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