. Gas engine heat pumps (GEHP) .

Through the optimised use of the renewable energy of air, and the recovery of the exhaust gas and engine heat, AISIN GEHP is regarded as being the most efficient cooling and heating system.
Low-carbon energy production along with the elimination of particulate emissions (PM10) gained by reducing the use of fossil fuels: that is the new challenge to overcome.
AISIN GEHP units always guarantee a high environmental comfort at great performances, reaching over a 200% efficiency in specific conditions.
The new AISIN GEHP units have been developed with the purpose of meeting the ECODESIGN strictest requirements, such as the maximizing of yearly and seasonal performances.
Thermal comfort, high air quality, excellent performances guaranteed even at very extreme outdoor conditions (-20°C) and production of thermal energy free of charge, recovered from the waste heat: that is the breakthrough technology fully available to the user.

AISIN GEHP winning features, such as reliability and durability, are ensured by TOYOTA R&D activity, that developed a dedicated gas engine, specifically designed to minimize maintenance interventions, to cut running costs and lower CO2 emissions in comparison with other traditional systems.

The possibility to choose between air-to-air systems and air-to-water systems is another distinguishing trait of AISIN technology: it adapts successfully to any building requirement, both in case of new installations and in refurbishing interventions, ensuring the upgrading of energy efficiency in existing buildings up to the achievement of NZEB (Near Zero Energy Building) conditions.

AISIN Gas Engine Heat Pumps represent the best cooling and heating solution in terms of efficiency, sustainability and renewables.




Overall efficiency up to 280%
Energy efficiency class: A++
Use of renewable energies


Dedicated TOYOTA endothermic engines,
not deriving from the automotive industry
Periodical maintenance every 10.000 hours;
engine oil replacement every 30.000 hours


-40% running costs
-40% CO₂ emissions
Domestic hot water free of charge

. applications.

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