GHP 450-710 piedini
The AWS YOSHI® line-up includes a whole set of expansion modules and accessories that can help designers and end users to create a customised solution for water distribution installations.

Expansion module 1: back-up and integration units management. When installed, directly controls up to two boilers, one chiller and one heat pump.

Expansion module 2: domestic hot water management.When installed, it directly controls GEHP built in W-Kits, integration boilers, domestic hot water circulation pumps and recirculation mixing valve.

Expansion module 3: energy metering management. When installed, it directly collects, logs and stores data from energy meters. Remote access is also possible.

Expansion module 4: water secondary circuits management. When installed, it directly controls the operation of each branch of the secondary circuit.

Additional keypad: when installed, it allows to bring the control panel of each system (single or multi-unit) in a detached position and manage operation, mode selection, weekly timer, alarm notifications of all connected units.

Optional temperature probe: when installed, it allows to stop the operation of the water primary circuit circulation pump, either individual or collective, when not needed. As a result of this, the efficiency of the distribution system improves and the electrical consumption drops.

Outdoor temperature probe: when installed, it allows to change the AWS supply water temperature according to a weather compensation that can be selected by the user. Running costs can be further reduced and the overall comfort of the building is constantly ensured.

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