SITUATION: HALLER forwarder (Ebersbach – Stuttgart) needed to redevelop its logistics center to make it more efficient and suitable for business needs. The project must comply with the German ENEV regulation on energy saving, in order to accede to the incentives provided for energy savings renovations.

SOLUTION: 5 GEHP Aisin 30 hp + 2 GEHP Aisin 25 hp (576 kW cooling – 635 kW heating) + 1 AHU kit.

REALISATION: The ground floor, a room of 20,000 square meters, has been air-conditioned with 2 GEHP 25 hp + 2 GEHP 30 hp (312 kw cooling – 350 kw heating). The GEHP 30 hp units have been connected to an AHU unit through the EASY KIT supplied by Tecnocasa Climatization.
The first floor of the building was improved with the application of 3 GEHP 30 hp (255 kW cooling – 285 kw heating).
The project, proposed and carried out by our German partner GoGaS (www.gogas.com), has complied with all the necessary parameters allowing the customer to obtain the maximum incentives provided by the BAFA (German federal agency for foreign affairs and export control ) for the redevelopment of industrial buildings.


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