In Italy there are 186 accommodation facilities that can boast the Ecolabel and 5 of these have installed an XRGI micro-generator by EC Power. This is what emerges from the list published by ISPRA (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) on 27 July.

The Ecolabel mark ( link to the site ) is granted to structures that, while ensuring high standards of comfort, are characterized by a reduced environmental impact. In other words, they use efficient systems for air conditioning and / or the production of electricity, reduce their waste through recycling and reuse, and manage water resources in a sustainable manner. So it is no coincidence that the Hotel Val di Sole (Mezzana – TN), the Luna Wellness Hotel (Folgarida / Dimaro – TN), the Hotel Shandranj (Tesero – TN), the Ambassador Suite Hotel (Riva del Garda – TN) and Hotel La Serenella (Moena – TN) have chosen the XRGI micro-generators to have electricity and heat in an economical and clean manner. An important plus for a tourism, today’s tourism, ever more attentive to environmental issues.

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