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AISIN GEHP units are the ideal cooling and heating solution for any type of building, thus granting specific benefits according to the application , as well as great advantages in terms of money savings, energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reductions.
By choosing AISIN GEHP units, a public body can set the best example for using excellent energy efficient systems that allow the achievement of NZEB (Near Zero Energy Building) conditions.
By offering a wide array of AHU that fully adapt to any customer’s needs, it is possible to cool down wide spaces typical of the logistics, industrial and service sector, always focusing on energy efficiency and money savings. 
Buildings with a cooling  need 24/24 hours, 365 days a year, can fully rely on  TOTOTA engines requiring  minimal maintenance intervals ( every 10.000 hours and engine oil replacement every 30.000 hours) 
Commercial malls can benefit from the combination of a broad range of indoor units with AHU adaptable to any requirement, as well as from air – to – water system specifically tailored. The versatility of configurations offered ensure optimised indoor comfort and full respect for the aesthetics of each space. 
The engine heat recovery allows heating continuity in winter, and domestic hot water free of charge in summer. There is no aesthetical impact on the structure, as the GEHP unit is installed in the outside, thus leaving the technical room free for other purposes and with no impact on the structure. In addition to this, the negligible sound pressure of GEHP do offer a further  precious plus in the HO.RE.CA.sector.

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