Company - ITALY

SITUATION: Replace the old boiler + chiller and electric multisplit system with a turn-key solution enabling the whole building air conditioning system’s management. Manage temperature requests coming from different building zones carefully to ensure employees top-quality comfort standards. Select and environmetal-friendly and economic savings solution.


  • 5 GEHP 25 HP + 5 AWS 25 HP
  • 6 GEHP 25 HP + 3 direct expansion Air Handling Units
  • 4 W-Kits for ahu post-heating batteries and DHW production
  • YOSHI Termomanager and electric cabinet development and supply by Tecnocasa Climatizzazione


  1. Natural gas consumption savings per year: -39.481 m3
  2. CO2 emission savings per year: -95 ton.
  3. Running cost savings per year: – 51.400 € (-50%)

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