winery - spain

SITUATION: Chozas Carrascal winery in Valencia had to air-condition its new offices, internal shop and to control the temperature of fermentation rooms.
Technology integration was requested, so at Chozas Carrascal winery the Aisin GEHP had to play their part in a smart energy hub and run with LPG.

SOLUTION: 3 GEHP Aisin 25 hp (190,5 kW cooling – 231 kW heating) + 1 AWS Twin + 1 AWS 25 hp

PROJECT DELIVER: in partnership with Repsol (LPG supplier) our dealer Absorsistem realized an installation in which 1 GEHP provide to heating/cooling the offices and shop and the other 2 GEHP are at the services of fermantation rooms (mainly cooling). All the system is completely integrated with photovoltaic panels and runs with LPG for 4.000 h/year.

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